Pandle April Updates

April 19, 2017 Lauren Wise Pandle News 0 Comments

Happy Easter Pandlers! April has been an especially productive month for us, not only because we’ve been able to welcome lots of news Pandle users in time for the new tax year, but also because of all the updates we’ve been able to share.

Pandle’s Small Business Survey

April 11, 2017 Lauren Wise Business News 0 Comments

Small business owners are feeling prepared for Making Tax Digital, but fear it will be more confusing than the current Self Assessment system, our Small Business Survey reveals.

We surveyed 1,000 small business owners in the UK and abroad to hear about their thoughts on both the UK tax process and on the impact they believe Brexit will have on their business.

Should Your Business Get Involved in Activism?

April 10, 2017 Lauren Wise Business News 2 Comments

In a tumultuous time for politics in the UK, many businesses may be trying to watch their step in order to avoid saying the wrong thing for fear of losing out on customers.

While it’s important to not offend potential customers with a particularly strong political stance, does that mean you shouldn’t get involved with any activism? Here are some of our thoughts on why taking part in activism may not be that bad for business after all.

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