What Does the Autumn Budget 2017 Offer Small Businesses?

December 6, 2017 Lauren Wise Business News 0 Comments

The main fiscal event of the year is over, and with it plenty of critiques milling about online, it’s time to dig down into the nitty gritty and see what it all really means for small businesses.

As the buzz around this year’s Autumn Budget dies down, we take a look at the changes that will affect small businesses, freelancers and contractors, so you know exactly what to expect from April 2018.


Autumn Budget 2017 Predictions Start Ups and SMEs Should Expect

November 21, 2017 Lauren Wise Business News 0 Comments

There can never be 100% certainty surrounding the topics that will come up in any Budget, but there’s always a better chance of certain topics getting covered.

For start ups and small businesses the Budget can mark a turning point in how accounts are managed and more often than not, a change in the tax they will pay.

Here are the topics predicted to be most likely to come up that will affect start ups and small businesses.



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