Six Ways to Advertise Your Small Business on The Internet

January 16, 2017 Karl Bilby Business News 0 Comments

It’s hard to imagine that any type of small business could thrive and grow in a developed country today without having a presence on the internet. Increasingly, the internet is where your customers are hanging out, interacting, shopping and being entertained. And that’s why the internet, when used properly, can be a powerful tool for promoting your business and advertising what it can offer.

How Improving Your Memory Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

January 6, 2017 Lauren Wise Business News 0 Comments

We don’t all have the best memories. Some have a natural talent for remembering a colleagues’ birthday or where you put your keys, but not everyone is blessed with such a gift.

As an entrepreneur it’s part of your duty to be able to recall pieces of information at will, especially when your newly formed business relies on it.

These are the areas where improving your memory really will make a big difference to how you run your company.

Pandle’s End of the Year Review

January 3, 2017 Lauren Wise Pandle News 0 Comments

It’s 2017 already! While it hasn’t been everyone’s favourite year, we reckon we’ve had a fair few good moments.

Firstly we want to take a moment to say thank you to all our users, new and old who have helped us to improve Pandle and create a helpful bookkeeping service for small business owners.

Thanks to all our great users we’ve been able to grow Pandle and improve all the bits and bobs that make a difference to how you use Pandle.

No One is Prepared for Freelancing: How to start anyway

December 15, 2016 Lauren Wise Freelance 0 Comments

When you’re gearing up to become a freelancer, the reality can very far away. When you have the security of a full-time salary it can be easy to put off going solo until you feel ‘comfortable’. So, you read another article on ‘how to go freelance’. You follow more freelancers on Twitter to see how they do it. And you put off actually becoming a freelancer for another day.

How Freelancers Can Enjoy Christmas Without Worrying About Losing Clients

December 12, 2016 Lauren Wise Freelance 0 Comments

Christmas can be a tough time for freelancers. Not only do you have to make it through the festive season on the bare minimum because the rest of your “disposable income” has been divided between the bath bombs for Aunt Lois and biscuits for the in-laws, but you have the added pressure of possibly losing your carefully built and maintained client base.

Here’s just a few ways that you can keep your clients from leaving you over the festive period.


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