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Our simple cloud bookkeeping software helps small businesses to become brilliant bookkeepers

Pandle is cloud-based bookkeeping software made with real people in mind.

Simple to use, yet comprehensive in its capabilities. We have designed Pandle from the ground up to cater for UK small businesses.

Pandle removes the stress of bookkeeping by streamlining every process.

So, what is the cost?

Pandle is completely free. There’s no demos or annoying trial periods, simply register an account and start entering transactions today!

Will I ever have to pay?

No, Pandle is free for life and includes all the features a small business owner needs. However, for those of you who require additional features such as automatic bank feeds you can also choose to upgrade to Pandle Pro.

Plans and pricing

Pandle Pro
+ VAT | Month

Features of our cloud bookkeeping software

Automated bank feeds

Automatically pull transactions from your accounts & credit cards before quickly categorising them.


Beautifully designed invoicing

Create, manage and send invoices using our selection of premium templates.


Quick quotations

Effortlessly mark quotes as accepted or declined – or even convert them into invoices when needed.


Control user permissions

Select the functions your staff can access, meaning they only see information relevant to their role.


Full VAT management

Pandle supports both cash accounting & the FRS. If you need to change just switch, error free.


Accounting on the go

Access your accounts from anywhere using our mobile app. Available now on Android and iOS.


Cash flow forecasting

View trends and set future cash flow goals, leading to more informed business decisions.


Multiple currency control

Pandle handles all currency conversions for you, meaning no more exchange rate issues.


Interactive help centre

With a variety of tutorial guides, videos, and FAQs the help centre has all the answers you need.


An Overview of Pandle

Complicated cloud bookkeeping made simple

We’re proud to call Pandle the most sophisticated, intuitive and devastatingly simple bookkeeping software ever made. Whether you’re a veteran bookkeeper or just getting started, Pandle has been developed from the ground up to cater for both.

For the advanced users, entering transactions such as invoices and payments can take as little as five seconds per transaction. For the beginners, our optional on-page help system will guide you through everything you need to know.

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"I tried at least half a dozen different cloud based products before choosing Pandle. I find the product is ideal for what I need, is improving all the time, and has excellent support." - Martin Broadwell ATT

"I used to spend hours every month doing my bookkeeping, but Pandle has cut this down to just a few minutes a week." - Liam Yapp

"Pandle provides real-time control over your bookkeeping & is a new way for small businesses to keep track of their P&L." - Mario Lombardo

"Pandle is simple, logical and a delight to use. It does everything a small business person needs!" - Caroline Collins

"I've been using Pandle for a few weeks now and find it very easy to use. The Pandle team are always on hand if I need any additional help." - Marcia Abbott

"Pandle is so incredibly simple to use I actually look forward to doing bookkeeping!" - Ciaran Doran

"I have been using Pandle for a couple of months now, I am surprised and pleased to find out how user-friendly Pandle is in managing my accounts." - Stephen Craker

"Pandle is convenient and easy to use, if I can use it anyone can! I would recommend it to all my business friends." - Sara Hill

"Pandle's great, simple, user friendly and efficient, I can easily input invoices, look over costs and view who hasn't paid their invoices!" - Adam Randall

"With Pandle I can rest assured knowing my accounts are correct and in order. They also have good support for any issues I come across or when things don't make sense." - Fiona Hart

"As a new Ltd. company with very limited time we've found Pandle to be exactly what we needed; bookkeeping as simple as it could be. Thanks Pandle for being our bookkeeping Zen!" - James Adams


Cloud bookkeeping in the UK

Only 20% of small businesses in the UK actually use bookkeeping software, with the remainder using spreadsheets or manually kept records. Having used almost every other bookkeeping software package available and speaking with other businesses, we had an idea as to why this might be the case.

Bookkeeping was a dreaded task, full of fraught moments where you were left wishing you had qualified as an accountant, and taking an entire day just to do a month’s bookkeeping.

Pandle can change all this though; transactions such as payments and receipts can be entered in bulk within seconds; adding a new customer or supplier is a ten second process, and checking your profitability doesn’t take a dozen clicks. Our streamlined processes makes Pandle perfect for both novice and veteran bookkeepers.

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