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Accountants Aren’t at Risk of Losing Their Jobs to Robots – Here’s Why

June 4, 2018 Lauren Wise Business News 0 Comments

The rise of new technologies and insistence that one day they’ll run the workplace seems to be an inevitable concept according to the headlines we’re bombarded with.

This seems especially true of the accounting industry, where data is the main game and handling this is what technology is being designed to do.

However, despite the insistence that accountants’ jobs will soon be at risk, we have reason to believe otherwise.


Salaries and Sectors: What Accountants are Earning and Doing in 2018

May 31, 2018 Karl Bilby Business News 0 Comments

It’s natural to be curious about how much others in line of work are earning and to wonder how your earnings compare – and if a change to a different sector could bring in more work or a higher wage.

Accountants, wonder no more. A new survey from Accountancy Age has the answers, including the average annual salary for an accountant in the UK.

£62,042, if you’re interested…


Motivating Employees During Tax Return Season

January 18, 2018 Lauren Wise Business News 0 Comments

Emotions are running high, the workload is piling up and late hours are standard – it must be tax return season!

And while everyone is running around like a headless chicken and panicking about making deadlines, it’s up to you as their leader to breathe, take a step back and evaluate the situation.

Keep your workforce motivated during this hectic time with some of these tips.


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