Accounting tools

Pandle offers a range of additional accounting tools to make your bookkeeping as quick and easy as possible.

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Multiple currencies

We understand your business may trade internationally, which is why Pandle features an automated currency conversion tool. No more checking the latest conversion rates and working it all out manually!

Bulk editing

Noticed you have made a mistake on more than one transaction? No problem! With Pandle’s bulk editing tool you can select which transactions need editing and correct them in one go.

Transaction locking

Select your chosen date and lock all of your transaction up to or from it to avoid entering transactions for a previous financial period.


Pandle Projects makes it easier for you to tag transactions and report on individual projects or jobs you undertake.

Time tracking

Track your time in Pandle, making it quicker and easier to invoice your customers for the work you have done.

(Coming soon)

Inventory tracking

Our integrated inventory tracking system can track the availability of your stock in real time, meaning no more end of year stock takes!

(Coming soon)

Need help transferring from your current accounting software?

Easily import all your current suppliers and customers using our simple import tool. If you need any help you can get in touch with our support staff by emailing