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Communication is key in any business. Quickly message the other users of your account without even having to leave Pandle.

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Quickly resolve issues

Efficient communication with your staff will enable any errors to be fixed right away, no more waiting for them to check their inbox.

Work closer with your team

Keep everyone on the same page in just one quick message, ensuring your team always understands what is happening with the business.

Beautiful messaging

Simple, yet stylish designed we’re so proud of our messaging centre we just can’t wait to show it off.

Dual screen delight

Our message centre will load in a new tab, so you can easily view transactions, whilst discussing them with your other users.

Transaction tagging

Copy a transaction link from your Pandle account and then post it in your chat to make discussing transactions a breeze.

Easy attachments

Pandle makes it easy to upload any type of attachment to your chat, such as invoices, screenshots or Excel spreadsheets.

Pandle Unlimited Users

Need help transferring from your current accounting software?

Easily import all your current suppliers and customers using our simple import tool. If you need any help you can get in touch with our support staff by emailing