Multiple Currencies

We understand that your business may trade internationally, which is why Pandle features an automated currency conversion tool.

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No more manual checks

Never again will you have to check the latest conversion rates and work everything out manually before entering your transactions, Pandle automates this for you.

Complete banking control

If you have bank accounts using different currencies all you need to do is simply select the base currency when creating the account – Pandle will do the rest.

Invoicing customers

Once you’ve selected your customer’s billing currency this information will be pre-populated when creating invoices for that customer. The currency conversion rate is then determined by the date on the invoice.

Inputting supplier invoices

Just like customer invoices, selecting your supplier’s billing currency enables this information to be pre-populated when entering your supplier invoices. The conversion rate is then determined by the invoice date.

Pandle Multiple Currencies

Need help transferring from your current accounting software?

Easily import all your current suppliers and customers using our simple import tool. If you need any help you can get in touch with our support staff by emailing