Provide quotes for your customers using our easily customised templates. Then simply accept, decline, or convert them into invoices.

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Quickly create quotes

Using the information you’ve already stored, Pandle will pre-populate the customer details for you. Reducing the time you spend creating quotes.

Customise your quotes

Incorporate your logo and business details into our templates to create a beautiful, professional quotation for your customers.

Send quotes with ease

After you have created your quotation you can either print it or email it directly to the customer from Pandle, saving you precious time.

Update the status

Effortlessly update the status of your quotes with Pandle. In seconds you can mark them as accepted, declined or convert them into invoices.

Search your quotations

Pandle allows you to quickly search for the quotation you need to update, no more scrolling through a long list of quotes you created months ago.

Visibility at all times

Easily manage your created quotes from Pandle’s intuitive interface so you never lose track of where your finances stand.

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Need help transferring from your current accounting software?

Easily import all your current suppliers and customers using our simple import tool. If you need any help you can get in touch with our support staff by emailing support@pandle.co.uk.