Pandle has been designed specifically for UK small businesses, meaning it handles VAT beautifully, supporting both cash accounting and the flat rate scheme.

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Cash accounting

If your business is on the standard VAT cash accounting scheme then Pandle can easily handle all your VAT requirements for you, running reports and returns when necessary.

Flat rate scheme

We understand that for some business it makes more sense to be on the VAT flat rate scheme which is why Pandle handles this too, providing reports and returns whenever you need them.

Run VAT reports

If your books are up to date then you can run VAT reports in Pandle to show you exactly what VAT you owe to HMRC. Giving you much better control on your cashflow.

File VAT returns

Calculate and file your VAT returns directly from the Pandle interface. Keep on top of your VAT responsibilities simply and easily.

Switch with ease

Need to move over to cash accounting from the flat rate scheme? Or vice-versa? Not a problem! With a few simple clicks Pandle will transfer you over and make all the appropriate calculations to ensure no mistakes are made in the process.


Staying in control of your VAT responsibilities and on the right side of HMRC is important for any business. With Pandle you can control everything to do with your business VAT requirements.

Need help transferring from your current accounting software?

Easily import all your current suppliers and customers using our simple import tool. If you need any help you can get in touch with our support staff by emailing