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It’s time to simplify your clients’ bookkeeping

Traditional accounting packages such as Excel or Sage can be a real hassle.

Keeping up with different versions, backups, updates, and compatibility issues can lead to you spending more time fixing problems than you do keeping your books up to date.

Pandle bank feeds

Keeping up with your competition

If it complicates the task of bookkeeping for the average UK small business, then we don’t include it in our software. We do not and will never try to cater for the 1% of businesses that need complex features such as departmental analysis and

Making the switch to Making Tax Digital

By 2019 all of your clients with a turnover of £10k or more will need to make quarterly submissions through accounting software to replace the tax return. A report by ICAEW found that currently 75% of businesses do not maintain their accounts electronically, or use accounting software.

Benefits of Recurring Transactions


Providing the features your clients expect

Pandle has all the bookkeeping features your clients need; Bank Feeds, Invoicing, Reporting, Currency Conversion, Integrations, a Mobile App and many more.

Similar cloud accounting software solutions are often over-complicated for the needs of small business owners. However, Pandle provides the small business owner with the exact services they need, rather than confusing clients with intricate features designed for more complex tax affairs. Pandle is simple and easy to use, meaning even your least tech savvy clients will be able to seamlessly make the switch to cloud accounting.