We have developed integrations with all the major banks in the UK.

So no matter who you bank with Pandle will be able to automatically import your bank statements.


To view a complete list of all the UK banks Pandle supports please see the tables below:


Account Name Account Type
AA Savings (UK) Bank
Adam & Company (UK) Bank
Aldermore Savings (UK) Bank
Airdrie Savings Bank (UK) Bank
Allied Irish Business Bank (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Bank of Ireland (UK) Bank
Bank of Scotland (Cust. without Token) (UK) Bank
Bank of Scotland Business Banking (UK) Bank
Barclays (UK) Bank
Barclays International Banking (UK) Bank
BM Savings (UK) Bank
Bank of Scotland Corporate Banking (UK) Bank
Barnsley Building Society (UK) Bank
Britannia (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Cahoot (UK) Bank
Cater Allen Business Banking (UK) Bank
Cater Allen Personal Banking (UK) Bank
Chelsea Building Society (UK) Bank
Citibank (UK) Bank
Clydesdale Bank (UK) Bank
Coutts (UK) Bank
Cash Plus (UK) Bank
Clydesdale Bank Offshore Business (UK) Bank
Coventry Building Society (UK) Bank
Cumberland BS (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Danske Bank Business (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
FairFX (UK) Bank
First Direct (UK) Bank
First Trust Bank (UK) Bank
First Trust Bank iBusiness (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Halifax Online (UK) Bank
HBOS (UK) Bank
HSBC Bank (UK) Bank
HSBC Business (UK) Bank
Halifax Business Banking (UK) Bank
Hammersmith & Fulham (UK) Bank
Handelsbanken (Card reader without cable) (UK) Bank
HSBC Private Bank (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
ICICI Bank (UK) Bank
Intelligent Finance (UK) Bank
Investec.com (UK) Bank
Icesave (UK) Bank
ICICI Bank Business Banking (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Kent Reliance Building Society (UK) Bank
Kent Savers (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Leeds Building Society (UK) – Bank Bank
Lloyds (UK) Bank
Lloyds Business Banking (UK) Bank
Lloyds Offshore International (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Marks and Spencer (UK) Bank
Merrill Lynch HSBC (UK) Bank
Metro Bank Business Corporate (UK) Bank
Metro Bank Retail (UK) Bank
Monmouthshire Building Society (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Nationwide Building Society (Mysave) (UK) Bank
Nationwide Building Society (UK) Bank
Nationwide Building Society(Formely Derbyshire) (UK) Bank
NatWest Bank (UK) Bank
NatWest Bank Business Bankline (UK) Bank
Nedbank Private Wealth (UK) Bank
Newcastle Building Society (UK) Bank
Norwich and Peterborough BS (UK) Bank
NS&I (UK) Bank
Nottingham Building Society (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Post Office (UK) Bank
Principality Building Society (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Royal Bank of Scotland (UK) Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland (UK) Credit Card
Royal Bank of Scotland Business Bankline (UK) Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland Business Digital (UK) Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland Offshore Digital Banking (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Saffron Building Society (UK) Bank
Sage Pay (UK) Bank
Santander (UK) Bank
Santander Business Banking (UK) Bank
Santander MyBusiness Bank (UK) Bank
Santander Private Banking (Jersey) Bank
Santander(International Saver) (UK) Bank
Scottish Widows Bank (UK) Bank
Smile (UK) Bank
St James’s Place Bank (UK) Bank
Standard Life (UK) Bank
Saga Savings (UK) Bank
Sainsbury’s Bank (UK) Bank
Skipton Building Society (UK) Bank
State Bank Of India (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Tesco Bank (UK) Bank
The Co-operative Bank (UK) Bank
The Co-operative Bank Business Banking (UK) Bank
The One Account (UK) Bank
The Woolwich (UK) Bank
TSB (UK) Bank
TSB Business Banking (UK) Bank
Think Money (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Ulster Bank (UK) Bank
Ulster Business Bank (UK) Bank
United Savings & Loans (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Virgin Money (Northern Rock) (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
West Bromwich BS (UK) Bank


Account Name Account Type
Yorkshire Bank (UK) Bank
Yorkshire Building Society (UK) Bank
Yorkshire Bank Offshore Business (UK) Bank


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