Pandle has all the tools you need to run your business.

Easy to use, efficient and accurate

Pandle makes it easy for everyone to become expert bookkeepers



Pandle has a range of invoicing features including invoice creation, manual invoicing, bulk invoice emailing, invoice reminders, plus the ability to create recurring invoices.


Import Customers & Suppliers

In just a few simple steps you can import your customers and suppliers from your previous accounting software.



Pandle’s interface is unique and easy to use. So when you’re creating quotes you can mark them as accepted, declined or convert them into an invoice to save you duplicating your work.


Accept payments through Stripe & Paypal

Our partnerships with Stripe and Paypal mean that your customers can pay you through links on your invoices. Invoices are then marked as paid automatically.



Unlimited Users

Does your accountant or bookkeeper need access to your bookkeeping? Add their email to your user list to give them instant simultaneous access.


User Permissions

Limit what financial information some users can see by hiding functionality and data from certain people.



Bank FeedsPandle Pro

Automatically pull your transactions from your bank account and categorise them easily in Pandle.


Receipt Upload (coming soon)Pandle Pro

Become a paperless business with the help of receipt uploads. Assign receipts to your transactions so that you never have to become swamped by the pesky things again!

Custom Imports

Pandle’s custom imports feature gives you the flexibility to upload any kind of statement into your account.


Number of Customers/Suppliers/Bank accounts

Unlike other bookkeeping software, Pandle doesn’t limit the amount of customers, suppliers and bank accounts you can add.

Bank Imports

Rather than manually entering your banking transactions, simply upload them in to Pandle. All major banks are supported.



Managed Payroll Service

Outsource your payroll to our in house Payroll Clerks. For £3 + VAT per payslip we take care of all your payroll and enter the figures in Pandle for you.


Pandle Payroll (coming soon) Pandle Pro

Pandle’s quick and easy payroll solution can be automated, meaning you won’t miss another deadline again.

VAT management


As Pandle is designed for the UK market it handles VAT beautifully. Supporting both cash accounting and the flat rate scheme, if you decide to change you can simply switch between the two, error free.


EU VAT/EC Sales lists

Automatically invoice customers in the EU by submitting your EC sales lists to Pandle.



Keeping an eye on how well your business is doing is the difference between success and failure. Pandle’s reports show you exactly where your business stands financially.


Data Exports

We understand that you might need to extract figures to Excel to analyse in further detail. That’s why Pandle lets you export any figure with just one simple click.


Tax Estimations/Reminders

Saving some money aside for your tax bill can help your business stay on top of its finances. Pandle gives you real time tax estimations so you know how much you have left to spend.

Accounting tools

Bulk Editing

Pandle is the only accounting software that lets you edit transactions in bulk. If you make any serious errors, correcting them is a breeze!


Inventory Tracking (coming soon)Pandle Pro

Pandle’s inventory management tool helps you manage your stock levels automatically – meaning no more stock takes at the year end!

Multiple Currencies

Trade in other currencies? No problem. Pandle will handle the conversions for you, meaning no more exchange rate issues.


Time Tracking (coming soon) Pandle Pro

Tracking your time in Pandle makes invoicing your customers a doddle!

Transaction Locking

Quickly and easily lock transactions up to a chosen date to avoid entering transactions for a previous period.


Project Handling (coming soon) Pandle Pro

The project handling feature makes life easier for users who work on projects by reporting by project.


Bookkeeping Service

Don’t have time for bookkeeping? Why not outsource the work to our in house bookkeepers? Get in touch today for a quote.


Phone Support (coming soon)Pandle Pro

Pandle Pro lets you benefit from unlimited phone support for those times when an email just isn’t enough.

Help Transferring

Confused about moving from another system? Our advisors will help with your opening balances and importing of your customers and suppliers.


Online Support

We offer unlimited online help and support so you can be confident you’re getting everything right. If you’re unsure about anything – just ask!



Secure Encrypted Data

We’ve built Pandle with security in mind so that your data is as safe as possible.

Daily Backups

We take care of all regular backups for you – so you don’t have to worry about losing your data.


Free Data Access for 6 Years

Did you know HMRC require you to keep your records for six years? If you leave other accounting software, they deny you access to your account the minute you stop paying. Not so with Pandle. You can access your data for up to six years if you decide you want to leave.

Manual Data Checks (coming soon)Pandle Pro

Pandle has lots of algorithms to check your data as you go but sometimes a human is needed. With Pandle Pro you can request manual checks of your data, including a report of potential issues/errors.


Android & iOS Apps (coming soon)

Access your accounts from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection using Pandle’s intuitive app.


No usage limits

Pandle is unlimited. That means we’re not going to charge you any extra if you decide to use us more than usual.

All the benefits of the cloud

We know you don’t have time for software maintenance and constant updates. That’s why Pandle is a cloud-based software – meaning we do this for you.


Outsource your bookkeeping

Would you prefer not to have to worry about your bookkeeping?

Then why not use our bookkeeping service . . .

Simply send us your invoices, receipts and bank statements each month either electronically or through our pre-paid mail service and a trained bookkeeper will enter all of your information directly onto Pandle. You will have complete access to your accounts at any moment of the day, so you can run reports and check how your business is doing.

You just won’t have to go through the tedious task of entering transactions!

Fill in this form and we will contact you within 24 hours regarding your bookkeeping service quote.

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